Activity Days

I’ve been our Ward’s Activity Day leader off and on for over 2 years now (had a few months off from it after my youngest was born). I struggle with coming up with new ideas sometimes, and I always go to the internet for help. Here is where I plan on putting any ideas that I come up with to maybe help someone else out. If I use one from someone else that was successful with my girls I’ll try to post that as well (with proper credit of course!).

Movie Night

My oldest daughter is turning 12 this Valentine’s Day, so in honor of her leaving us *tear* we’re having a movie night at my house next week. I plan on doing treats (still trying to figure out what exactly, popcorn is a given though!) and reading this story from the Friend before we start the movie. The movie I’ve chosen is Turn Around which is based off of the story of Alma the Younger. The time allotted for this night is 2 hours, and the movie is 85 minutes long, so I think it will work out well. The girls can always visit with one another afterwards. I’m also planning on finding some sort of little trinket to give to the girls (there’s another one turning 12 around the same time). Guess I’d better get to looking. I’ll post how the night goes, I’m excited about it. I think it’s good to get the girls together outside of church occasionally to help them build stronger friendships with one another, especially where we live since few of them go to the same school.

Easter Activities

We ended up doing 2 weeks worth of activities for Easter. For the first one I got some plastic eggs and printed out wordstrips related to Easter. I put a word or phrase in each egg, and then hid them for the girls to find. Then we sat in a circle and they took turns opening the eggs and discussing the word or phrase they had. I think it went okay. My co-leader and I would like for them to do better at sitting and discussing things, it seems hard for them to stay on task when we do stuff like that. But I feel like it was a good idea and with the right group would maybe work a little better.

The second activity was making Resurrection Rolls and clothespin butterflies. My co-leader did this Activity, but I thought it was great so wanted to share it. She said she found it on Pinterest. Here’s a link to some instructions I found by doing a search. Resurrection Rolls Then we made butterflies out of coffee filters (the girls colored them how they wanted the wings to look), a clothespin with some craft pompoms glued onto the back with a hot glue gun. The girls really enjoyed making these. That seems to be the key with them, is making stuff.

Temple Activity

A couple weeks ago I did a Temple activity that I thought went well. First I showed a short video about Temples that I found on the Mormon Channel app on my Ipad. Then I read from the church website about the purpose of the Temple, and the ordinances that are done there, and showed them a few pictures I had printed out from the website. After we were finished discussing the Temple, we made sugar cube Temples. Each girl got to make their own. I had them bring shoe boxes so they could make them in them and take them home easier. We used hot glue. The girls seemed to really enjoy getting to make the Temples.


My coleader came up with this idea, I guess she had done it when she was a Young Women’s leader and it worked well so she thought she’d try it with our girls. It went really well, they all loved it, even the visitor we had for the first time participated! She had the girls bring flashlights and I brought a CD player so she could play some church appropriate music on softly in the background. We found a small classroom with no windows and she had a stool she brought with her set up in the middle of it with all the girls in chairs in a circle around it. They then took turns sitting on the stool and the other girls would shine the lights on her (but we made sure to say not to shine in their faces or we’d take them away). Then, one by one we went around the circle and each girl had to say 4 nice things about the one in the middle. I wrote the things down so they could look at it later. They loved it. I mean, who doesn’t like hearing nice things about yourself? And I’m sure they don’t all hear nice things all the time. One of the girls said she even felt a little teary eyed as the other girls were saying things. And the girls were all so sweet to each other! We definitely felt the spirit during this activity.

Gospel Standards

My coleader had the girls play a game where she had rolled up a bunch of candy in tape in the shape of a ball. She had made wordstrips of each Gospel Standard from the Faith in God book and put them in a container for the girls to draw out of. She then had one girl start unrolling the tape ball while the girl next to her rolled 2 dice until she got doubles. When she got doubles the one unrolling the tape had to stop and she got to keep any candy that had fallen out. She then had to draw out one of the Gospel Standards and describe how following it would help her. Then the girl that had rolled the dice got to take a turn unrolling the tape. This continued until all the tape was unrolled. We continued having girls read the word strips until they all had been read. Then we had the girls that got a lot of candy share with the ones that weren’t so lucky. The girls enjoyed it but it was difficult to keep it reverent, something we really struggle with our group of girls.

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