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Seminary Walks

So, school has started, and with it comes routines, homework, activities, practicing instruments (my middle child is learning guitar this year, hopefully it sounds better than when she was trying violin!), and now this year something new, Seminary. I’ve been dreading my son reaching high school and starting Seminary for 2 years now. The thought of getting up at 5:00 am everyday was so dreadful. But as the start date loomed closer, I started to change my perspective on it. I decided rather than dread it, I should look forward to it and take advantage of being forced to wake up so early. I made the decision to walk while Dylan is in class. Today was my first day of taking him since I worked yesterday. So I took my mp3 player, set it to my Christian playlist full of uplifting, Christ centered music, and I walked. I got in over 5,000 steps. Sometimes I don’t get that many steps in a day (I think I used to rarely get that many before I got my Fitbit and saw how inactive I was)! So I’m kind of excited about what this will hopefully mean for my weight loss. And not only is it good activity for me, but it’s also good spiritual me time. I mean, it’s almost an hour of just walking, listening to spiritual music, and thinking and even praying.

Back before I got pregnant with my youngest I would walk early in the morning before going to work, and honestly that was one of my favorite times of the day. It’s just so peaceful and refreshing to get that time to ponder on things. I’ve really missed it, but lacked the motivation to get back into it. So I’m happy to have a reason for getting up early and not having any excuse to not walk. I think it will quickly turn into my favorite part of the day. I believe everyone needs a little me time. And what better way than getting some exercise along with having time to be spiritual. There’s not a lot to me that’s more spiritual than being outside and admiring the beauty around us while listening to spiritual music and watching the sun rise. I mean, what a way to experience the power of our Heavenly Father! So, that’s how I’m making the most of having to get up early for Seminary. I thought about reading scripture while there, but in reality I’d either fall asleep or end up playing a game to stay awake, so for me, walking is a better choice.