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So, haven’t been around much lately. Mostly I just try not to spend much time on the computer so it’s hard to spend what little time I do get on it writing I guess. Anyway, things that have happened since I last posted include personally delivering a baby (first time for me) which was way scary but I guess it’s good to know that I am capable of doing it! The kids went on vacation with their dad and the husband and I got a night alone with no kids (a friend watched Nat for us). That was our first overnight alone since before Nat came along. Was a lot of fun, but we spent way too much money and learned why gambling is bad for you. We both agree that won’t be happening again any time soon, if ever! One of the things I’m most excited about is the new toy that I got. It’s called a fitbit ultra. I love it! It has totally renewed my motivation to lose weight. I’ve already lost over 5 pounds in just a week of having it! Which for me is pretty good. Especially considering that a week later I still feel motivated. It’s not some magic gadget or anything. All it does is track what I do. Then I log in my food and extra activities it might not track and it shows me how many calories I’ve burned and how many I can still eat. It rewards me with badges for accomplishing different things like 5,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs. Basically is kind of like a mini coach telling me what I need to do to burn more calories than I eat. And what really amazes me is how it’s motivated me to clean. Cleaning has actually become fun for me because I get to see how many extra calories I burn by doing it. It helps me to be more active instead of just sit and watch TV all day. Now I try to come up with little tricks to try to get my 10,000 steps in a day. Like sitting the basket of clothes to be folded on an ottoman across the room from the couch, so I have to walk back and forth to fold the clothes and pile them on the couch. Before I would just sit and fold. But no more, now I do extra laundry so I can get a few more steps in! And my house hasn’t been this clean since I moved in. I’ve been sweeping and mopping the floors daily. Before I would do a quick dust mopping on most days. But not any more. And now my floors actually look clean. I love my spray mop thing I got, it’s so easy to use and now I’m like why haven’t I been mopping daily since I got it? My husband and I have started doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution work outs again too. Part of what I think helps me succeed with the fit bit is how easy it is to track my food. That was one of my downfalls in the past, I would get tired of writing it all down and so I’d just stop tracking. And once I stop tracking, I stop losing. I might think I’m watching what I eat, but I’m really not. Now that I track with this, I can see easily how much work I have to do to burn off those extra calories I eat. For instance, I’m kinda regretting getting a second brownie last night because that meant I didn’t burn enough extra to lose any weight yesterday. I still burned more than I ate, but not enough more to show a loss today. So far I’ve been averaging about half a pound or so each day. Probably the biggest realization I’ve had since using it is how much I used my kids as my slave labor. I’d have them go get Nat’s pj’s, or diapers or whatever. Or throw stuff away for me, just do a bunch of little things to help me. Well, the reality is, it wasn’t helping me do anything but get fat and lazy! So, now I catch myself, and instead of asking them to do something, I try to just do it myself. It was really eye opening to see just how lazy I had become and how much I relied on the kids to help me. Now I have more energy, I feel better about myself, and I feel better about my house. And it’s only been a week! So, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this journey leads and how much better off I’ll be after wards.

Well, I hear Nat banging on her crib, guess I’d better go rescue her. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!