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Rock Star note

Well, I’ve had a productive day. After a week of rain I think the sunshine today got me motivated to do more around the house than I had all week. My husband is planning on having a friend and his kids over tomorrow while I’m at work, so of course I felt like I needed to clean the house. So the downstairs is swept and mopped along with the upstairs bathroom. I even washed my bathroom rugs, they really needed it. Then I decided that since the kids’ spring break is next week I’d better get busy and finish the chore system I’d been slowly working on. Got it all done, then the dry erase board I had intended to use decided it didn’t want to hold the magnets on it. So at least to start with we’ll just use the side of the fridge. I think it will work well, I have an old dry erase board with the days of the week on it that I put their names on so we can keep track of the money they earn daily then pay them weekly. It’s an idea I’d seen around on pinterest but I made a few changes. I basically just typed up a bunch of chores and the money they were worth then printed them out and cut them out. Then I glued them onto some scrapbook paper and cut them out with a decorative edge scissor. I had some magnet tape hiding in my activity bag (won’t tell you how long it took me to actually find it, was hidden really well) so I put a bit of magnet on the back of each chore and now they’re all on my fridge. I’m thinking about maybe making name tag magnets so that then we can put the chores they do under their names. We’ll see if I get motivated to do that any time soon.

My husband installed a storm door on our back door last weekend and I’m loving it. This house is so old that most of the windows either don’t open, or don’t have screens so I don’t want to even try, but now thanks to my husband I can get some fresh air inside. That was probably the most disappointing thing about this house, was the windows. Maybe someday we can replace them all, but that will probably cost a fortune. I love the fresh air though, it just helps me get in the mood to do more than just watch tv or play on the computer. Not really having any shows waiting for me on the DVR helps too. Another project I decided to tackle today was the back porch. For some reason even though we don’t have a single tree in the back yard bunches of leaves decided to make their home on our back porch. So I swept it and cleaned up the little side table and chairs that are out there and even folded a tarp for the dogs to lay on when they’re out there. Feels much better out there now. Really wishing I didn’t have to work tomorrow so I could enjoy it with Shaun and his friend since they’re planning on grilling.

Let’s see, not much else to say. Been doing better this week with the diet and exercise thing. Had been doing okay with exercising, but the dieting not so much. I lost over 4 pounds the first week doing this Body Revolution, but then hadn’t lost any since. Last week we attempted to go to workouts 3 and 4, and decided we needed a little more time on 1 and 2 lol! So that’s what we did this week and then the plan is to bump up to the next level on the second half of next week. I am seeing improvements in my body and strength. I can actually do most of the exercises and the ones I struggle with I can at least do a little bit. So, hopefully by next week we’ll be more ready to move on. I don’t think I’ve ever been as sore as I was the day after we did workout 4. And to think that it goes up to 12! I don’t even want to think about what that workout is going to be like lol. So, I haven’t had the weight loss I was hoping for, but I have seen some results and I know that if I stick with it I will eventually get there. If I was a fish eater it’d be easier I’m sure, but I just can’t stomach most of it, unless it’s fried and well, that defeats the purpose.

Guess my Nat didn’t feel like taking a nap after all, think I’ll go rescue her and find something for us to eat. Kind of hate days when it’s just the 2 of us. Oh, before I go, I have a proud Mom moment I have to share.

It reads "Dylan, You'll do great at the party "test". I know you will be the cool one "smart one". Have fun and do your best! I care for you and always think of you! love, Dannielle

I found this note yesterday morning, my daughter wrote it for her big brother to encourage him for his assessments. I guess that she tries to think of tests as parties, whatever works, lol. But this was so sweet that it made me feel like I’ve raised some pretty good kids. I’m glad that they’re so close and hope that they keep that closeness throughout their lives.