Weekly Menu 2/27/2012

I’m a little proud of myself this morning. I actually woke up at 7:00 with an alarm (usually we just wait till Nat wakes us up between 8 and 9) and I got up, ate breakfast, then jumped right into Workout 1 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I’m really excited and hopeful about this system. The workout was difficult for me since I’m sooo out of shape, but I got through it and felt great afterwards, well other than my legs feeling like jello, but that’s a good thing right? By the time I was done, Shaun and Nat were awake and starting to get around, so I started in on my chores. With working 2 days in a row last week (hate working 2 12’s in a row!) and then trying to recover over the weekend the house was kind of a mess. Well, not too bad really, but definitely needed a good floor cleaning downstairs. Finished that all up about the time Shaun needed to leave for work. I know he hates it when I clean when he’s home, but it’s so much easier when he’s here to take care of Nat. Plus, then during her nap time I can get a little me time! Which is what I’m doing now, so time to post my menu then fix my lunch and maybe watch a little TV.

Monday 2/27

Tuesday 2/28
I work, plus my son has a band concert, so will probably be takeout, but I’ve already decided that it will be subway

Wednesday 2/29
Chicken salad wraps (haven’t made this in a long time and as long as I use low fat items I think it will be a good choice for this week) Calories 250

Thursday 3/1
Enchiladas Calories 300

Friday 3/2
Lettuce Wraps Calories 320

Saturday 3/3
Sweet and Sour Meatballs (I work again, but hubby is off so figured this was easy enough he could throw it in the crock pot for us)

Sunday 3/4
Spaghetti Calories 300 (work day for me and one of the easy things for hubby to fix)

Well, my tummy is growling, time to go fill it with something good for me, hope everyone has a great week!



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