Weekly Menu 2/13-2/19/12

So, it’s Monday, after a busy weekend at work. I hate working weekends! Although my paycheck loves it. And it wasn’t a bad weekend, just a busy one. I was so exhausted when I got home last night all I wanted to do was go to bed, much to my husbands disappointment, he was hoping I would play some MW3 with him. But off to bed I went and he stayed up and played Skyrim. We are definitely a gaming household. Our computer room has 4 computers set up in it, 5 when Shaun has his laptop in here, plus a TV. Then we have an Xbox and a Wii in the living room. I used to never imagine myself playing shooter games, I hated watching my ex play them. But then I met Shaun, and after we got married he got me started playing some of them, and now that’s the majority of what I play. Now, my favorite game that we’ve played together since getting married is definitely Resident Evil 5, there was just something so fun about getting scared while playing a game with him and having to have him come save me, lol! And we’re anxiously awaiting the release of the next one in that series. But for now we play a lot of Modern Warfare 3. Mostly I enjoy playing it when our brothers and friends are on. It’s fun having a whole group of us playing. And at Christmas my brother gave me a headset so now I even occasionally talk on it. I hate talking on headsets, not sure why, just really don’t enjoy it.

So, wow, talk about getting off topic! Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s Monday. And it snowed last night, which means it’s cold outside, which means I hate leaving the house. The kids don’t have school (was scheduled out today, not a snow day). So we ventured out to Wal-mart since I still hadn’t bought any Valentines for my daughter to take to school tomorrow. Plus I needed to get a cake mix (I used to bake from scratch, but honestly my cakes turn out better from a mix, so sad) for her birthday. Have I mentioned that my soon to be 12 year old daughter was born on Valentine’s Day? I had planned on baking the cake tomorrow, but while we were there she said she wanted to celebrate it Friday when she has her friend stay the night. Which is fine with me, gives me more time to get things done and hope that the present I ordered online arrives by then! Really kicking myself for not getting it the other day when she saw it at our Target. I went back on Friday and it was sold out, so I had to order it online and pay an extra $5 in shipping. All because I wanted her to be surprised. I’ve gotten her about 5 or 6 different things this year, but I think I’m just going to put them all in one little box (well, as small as I can fit them all in) and make her think she’s only getting one thing. I did buy her an outfit today since picture day is Wednesday and I told her that was her birthday, she just looked at me like I was insane, but I know a little part of her was thinking “really?” lol. I really can’t believe she’ll be 12 tomorrow, why do they have to grow up so fast?

So, now to get to the point of today and post my weekly menu. Tonight and tomorrow it’s just Nat and I, so not a lot of cooking, although I have planned a casserole so that we have some leftovers to eat through the week.

Monday 2/13/12 Casserole (think I’ll just brown some ground turkey and mix with cream of mushroom and vegetables, then mix up some bisquik and put on top, it’s usually a hit around here)

Tuesday 2/14/12 leftovers (kind of a boring Valentine’s Day, but the older kids will be at their dad’s and I have to work on Wednesday so really don’t want to go out after Shaun gets off work)

Wednesday 2/15/12 Free for All (hopefully there will be some leftovers for the kids or else we have hot pockets and stuff like that for them to heat up)

Thursday 2/16/12 Chili with cinnamon rolls (my husband thinks that’s the weirdest combo ever, but here in Kansas it’s almost a given that if there’s chili, there’s gotta be cinnamon rolls with it)

Friday 2/17/12 Homemade pizzas

Saturday 2/18/12 Lettuce Wraps

Sunday 2/19/12 Crockpot Lasagna, garlic bread, and vegetable

We’re having the sister Missionaries for dinner on Sunday, and last time I made the crock pot lasagna it made a ton so that should be good. Plus it was fairly easy, as far as lasagna goes. Hopefully I’m able to prevent any of it from burning this time. Well, it’s almost 2 here and I feel like I haven’t done much today, we all kind of slept in can’t believe I slept so long last night! Have a great week!


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