Laundry Room Progress

So, I’ve been working in the laundry room this month trying to get it to a point where I don’t totally dread going in there. I feel like I’ve made good progress this week, especially since I really didn’t feel like doing much the past few days but made myself do even more than I had anticipated doing in there this week. I wrote a bit about my plans here. So, here’s a before picture of the first part I worked on, the shelves over my washer and dryer.

I cleared everything off of the shelves one at a time (well, except for the paint and stuff on the top shelf because that is all stuff to go out to my storage shed when the weather warms up. Hopefully sometime next week, it’s supposed to get nicer again.) Then I went through it all, threw away things I didn’t need or want to keep, put items that might sell at a garage sale in a bag to go out to the storage shed, and slowly replaced the items I wanted or needed to keep, but in a more organized way. I put all of the laundry products above my washer so they’re all handy and easy to reach without having to move the baskets or anything. I relocated kitchen items like the casserole covers and bread machine to cabinets in the kitchen. Holiday items have been taken up to my closet where I recently reorganized and have a box in there for holiday items that I either got after the holiday stuff was already taken to the storage shed or I found around the house later. I refolded the sheets I use for drop cloths while painting, so they’re not just thrown in there and look horrible. And here was the result of doing that.

Much better, right? But of course in doing that, I cluttered up my cabinets on the side wall of the laundry room even more. Here is what it looked like when I went to tackle it yesterday.

Again, I emptied each shelf and tossed what I didn’t need, organized what I did, and neatly put things back. I turned a box for wipes into a storage bin for all my miscellaneous screws, hardware, and pieces from different items we’ve bought, like entertainment centers, child gates, stuff like that. So, yeah, that bin is probably a little scary inside, but at least I know exactly where to look if I need something like that, or when we finally get around to installing some of the things we have on our to do list. Speaking of to do list, I pulled some of the things out of the laundry room and put them in the kitchen in plain sight so that hopefully we’ll see it and be like we should do that. Things like safety locks on cabinets and drawers (I do have one on my cabinets with chemicals, but it’s just one that goes around the handles, would like to put a more permanent one in place), and smoke alarms. I know, critical things right? Which is why I pulled them out, I decided they weren’t ever going to get done hiding in the laundry room. Anyway, back to the laundry room. My makeshift bin isn’t pretty, but I’m hoping to get some material soon and dress it up a little. I’ve seen some pretty neat ideas on Pinterest, and I made one for in my bedroom closet already, but I don’t know that I have enough fabric of something I like to do it at this time. I also refolded all the rags that I put back in the cabinet. I did purge some of them, the really ratty ones, or ones that I just don’t like to use, I’m sure I still have plenty. I also pulled out any pet items and put them with the rest of our pet care stuff. So, here’s some after photos.

I’m very pleased with the results. The items I need are easy to find, and the cabinets aren’t so full you have to be afraid to pull anything out for fear of the whole contents coming down on your head. I moved a lot of the tools that were just thrown in here to the new tool box my husband got for Christmas from my parents, so I’m excited for him to start using it when it warms up and we start working on some house projects! While doing all of this I started looking at the things on the floor and thinking that it wouldn’t take very long to do a little rearranging and make walking in here a little easier, so here’s the before and afters on that.

















Again, I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out. I am still trying to figure out something in regards to the pet food. I hate having those 2 big bags sitting there, but at this point in time not sure what else to do with them. We have smaller containers that we transfer food to, but we buy big bags since we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The trash bag on top of the buckets is the bag that needs to go to the storage shed, so that will be gone soon. I could cover the food with the curtains, but there’s a weird water system hidden by it and I’m afraid of it leaking water onto the bags of food. And I say weird because it’s like something I’ve never seen before, and anyone I show it to is surprised by it as well. I like it because it makes it very easy to turn the water on or off to different things, but it’s weird and definitely not very pretty. The old owners had hung the curtain, so I just kept it there. I took that last picture before I had started laundry today, so the pile of clothes you see is no longer there. I swear I wash at least 1 load of darks daily and it still looks like a mountain in the morning, I don’t understand it!

So, that’s the progress I’ve made. I feel like I’m just about finished. At this point I just need to work on some finishing touches, like dressing up the box and finding a solution to the pet food, oh and vacuuming! And of course taking all the items to the storage shed that need to go there. I’m excited for that, then I’ll have most of the top shelf free. We’ll see how long this all lasts. At least now I don’t feel so much like it’s a dark cave when I go in there. It’s nice being able to walk and not trip over stuff on the floor. So, how is everyone else doing? I’ve been checking out a few and it’s really neat seeing their progress and getting ideas for other projects I have in mind for the rest of the house. Well, it’s lunch time and I have Grey’s Anatomy waiting on the DVR for me, have a good weekend!


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