Additional Goal

Well, I finally got around to starting on the laundry room yesterday. I got the shelves over the washer and dryer decluttered and reorganized. Once it gets a littler nicer outside (had some snow yesterday) the items left on my top shelf will be going out to the storage shed. I just didn’t feel like making the trek yesterday and so I’ll probably wait until it dries up some.

Tonight is my first Activity Day with my new assistant helping, and I’m really excited about it. We plan on making Valentines and then making some jewelry. The girls always seem to enjoy activities that involve making something. It’s just so nice having someone else to help with ideas. In fact, just knowing that I have her helping has given me so much more motivation. I spent a couple of evenings this week just sitting down and brainstorming ideas. I came up with at least enough for the rest of the year. So now sometime she and I can get together and flush them out more and plan on what date to do each one. We also need to get busy and plan a recognition night of some sort. I’m glad I have her to help me. I just have never felt like I was a very creative person, so it’s nice having someone who is helping.

The other day I wrote about my goals for the year, and I forgot to mention one of the biggest and probably most important goals I have, which is to become more healthy. I have around 80 pounds that I need to lose, which is so overwhelming to think about. I’ve tried different things in the past, even have done weight watchers a few times, without a lot of success. I did lose about 30 pounds before I got pregnant a couple years ago, but then I gained it back with the pregnancy and have even gained some weight since having the baby. It’s so depressing. My clothes don’t fit, I’m tired all the time, and just don’t feel like doing much of anything. So, I’m trying to make small changes that will hopefully lead to some bigger changes and eventually be living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been doing better with my diet lately. I don’t do well trying to specifically diet, so I’ve been working more on watching my portions, not getting seconds (really hard for me because I love to eat, and if something’s good, I get seconds just to have more of it, not because I’m still hungry), not drinking as much soda (again, a difficult thing because I swear I’m addicted to it), and just trying to eat healthier in general. So far this year I’ve lost about 4 pounds. Not much, but considering I don’t even feel like I’m really trying I feel pretty good about that. My next goal is to increase my activity level. I was starting to get into a workout routine before I got sick, then that pretty much stopped in its tracks. So, now that I’m feeling better again I plan on easing back into it. For one thing I just need to not be so sedentary. I spend a lot of time on my days off not doing much. I’m addicted to TV, I swear the DVR is both the best and worst invention ever! It makes it way too easy to watch too many shows. And then, if I don’t have anything saved to watch, I wind up sitting at the computer (not much better!) So, since I don’t really want to give up my shows, I plan on trying to limit how much I actually sit and watch at a time. Granted, sometimes it takes me days to get through a show with how I watch it if I’m getting up a lot, but that’s ok. Nice thing about DVR’s, it’ll still be there tomorrow. Well, until my DVR fills up, then I’m looking at which shows of my husband’s he won’t notice being deleted so my shows get recorded. Anyway, going a little off topic there, don’t mind me! I was starting to do free step on the wii fit while watching TV, which I think helps. Beats sitting on the couch eating while watching Biggest Loser. Or sometimes I’ll get out hand weights and do some exercises while watching. If I’m watching Biggest Loser I like to workout while they’re doing their workouts. Motivates me I guess.

Well, the dryer just buzzed, plus I should fix something for lunch, so away I go. Have a great Wednesday everyone, and good luck to any of you working on organizing this month! I’m getting more excited about finishing my laundry room. I plan on getting to the cabinets in it either today or tomorrow.


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