Haven’t gotten much done on the laundry room yet, did find a couple of plastic storage baskets at Target for cheap that I’m sure I’ll find a use for though. Just finished filing our taxes, glad that’s finished and looking forward to getting our refund in the next couple weeks. Seems like it gets smaller every year and we try to stretch it further every year with all our plans for it, lol. My hope was to get a bedroom set, but thinking now that will probably have to wait. Would rather pay off some bills and put most of it into savings so we have something to fall back on if we need it. I’ve been thinking a bit about things I’d like to accomplish this year. I know it’s a little late, but I guess I didn’t have strong motivation to make a bunch of goals in January. So, I thought I would come up with some now.

First of all, I want to work on getting organized. Which is why I love the challenge I’m participating in. So, my first goal for the year is to organize as much as possible. To break it down a bit, I plan on organizing my laundry room, computer room, pantry (well, honestly I have a huge lack of a pantry so it will probably involve reorganizing all of my kitchen cabinets), linen closet, kids’ closets (my son’s is by far the scariest), and bathroom storage.

I want to have a yard sale this year to get rid of a bunch of our junk. I’m thinking sometime in the spring maybe, or else summer time, but I hate having them in the summer, so miserable sitting in the heat hoping someone likes your stuff enough to pay you for it. Then, after the sale, we’ll donate or trash anything left over and then I’ll work on organizing our storage shed.

Another huge part of getting organized is my control journal. It’s a huge mess right now and I want to get it organized. I also want to organize my recipes, hopefully put them all in the computer. Then perhaps print them all out and put in a binder in the kitchen.

Another project I’ve been thinking about is getting back into scrapbooking. I’ve only done a little bit, both paper and digital. But I’m excited to really dig into it and make some things. I have so many pictures, it’s such a waste to just have them sitting in boxes up in my closet. I’d much rather make an album to display them in. And have pages that actually tell stories instead of just looking at pictures.

Now, onto my church goals. First of all, I am determined to study the Book of Mormon this year. I figure it’s perfect since that’s what we’re studying in Sunday school. Plus, I have a hard time understanding a lot of it. So, a few years ago I bought The Book of Mormon Made Easier. I had read a few chapters in it before, but then got sidetracked or something. I’ve started reading it again and am loving the clarity it gives me in trying to understand the scriptures. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with reading and understanding scripture. I plan on getting the whole set eventually.

Next I want to do better as an Activity Day leader. I have a new assistant, which is my closest church friend, so I’m really excited about it now. I feel like with her help, we can be successful leaders and examples to the girls. So I have some ideas about how to track the Activities and motivate the girls better and stuff like that. I also want to try to plan out the Activities in advance, instead of waiting till the week before. I think that’s part of why I struggle so much in this Calling, is I procrastinate too much so the activities aren’t as thought out as they should be. So, I guess preparation is the main goal I have for that.

I also want to make it to church as often as possible, and be more active in the church by attending more activities, doing more of my Visiting Teaching, socializing more with people from church instead of waiting on them to approach me. I’m so shy, so I’m one of the ones that just sits in the chapel and doesn’t get up and approach anyone else. I love to talk if people approach me, but I don’t take the initiative to approach others. I’d really like to start attending book group, I think that would be fun and help me connect more with some of them.

My family goals include spending more quality time with the kids. Including having Family Home Evening each week. I admit we’re pretty bad about that. I try occasionally, but it just seems like life gets in the way. It’s hard with Shaun working till 8 at night, and the kids having school and the baby needing to get to bed. We try to do it on Sundays, but every other weekend the kids are at their dad’s until 7, so we kind of run into the same issue as Monday nights, with needing showers and stuff like that. But it’s something we are working on as a family. Something else we’ve been doing that was actually Shaun’s idea (and I loved it) is one night a week after we put the baby to bed, we spend one on one time with the kids. We’ve only done it for 2 weeks so far, but I feel it’s been going well and now they look forward to it. We spend an hour or so just one on one with one of the kids. The first week it was the girls together and the guys together, the 2nd week we switched and I got to kick my sons butt at chess. I think it blows his mind when I beat him at something cause he’s so good at things like that, lol. It was fun though. We want to spend it up in their rooms with them, so we’re away from TV and video games and truly focusing on them. I’ve already felt that it’s helped open up the lines of communication and stuff. I did a manicure on my daughter and she talked the whole time and I learned a little more about the troubles she faces in her new school. It helped me understand her feelings a little more and realize that we need to do something to help her out more.

The last goal I’ll mention for now is to start my food storage. I want to make an area where I can truly start preparing for a disaster and have at least a 72 hour kit ready. Hopefully by the end of the year it could grow to cover much more than 3 days. I guess this kind of goes along with organizing because in order to do this I’m going to have to get pretty creative with storage. Like I said, I don’t even have a pantry, let alone room for extra food storage.

So, those are my goals for the year, at least some of them. I’m sure I have more in my head, but it’s getting late and the baby is up from her nap so I should run. Plus, gotta make homemade pizzas and get ready for our Activity Day movie night tonight. Just got a call from a new girl’s dad saying that she was coming so I’m excited for that!


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