Getting Started

So, today is the beginning of the organizing challenge over at orgjunkie. I’m pretty excited to have the extra motivation for getting a room organized. Last week I did our entryway which felt great, but really all I needed to do was find homes for stuff that kept getting left in there. The room I’m going to tackle for this month long challenge is our laundry room. We just bought this house in October and that room has quickly become our catch all room. I was so excited for all the shelves and stuff that are in there and they’re now overflowing with junk.

Sorry it’s a little blurry, but you get the idea. Some of it isn’t even our junk, it was left there by the previous owners! Now this room is looking slightly better than it was at Christmas time. We had my family over for celebrations so everything that was out in the house that I didn’t want them seeing got thrown in this room, too bad I don’t have a picture of that! So, the first thing I need to do is come up with a plan for taking control over this room. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Declutter
    1. Do a shelf/zone at a time. I plan on separating the floor into at least 2 different zones, probably right and left.
    2. Sort stuff into 3 different piles: keep, trash and donate (or garage sale since we have a bunch of stuff in our storage shed we plan on selling at one when spring comes around)
    3. From the keep pile decide if any of it should go in another location
  2. Clean the area once it’s empty
  3. Organize the items that are staying
  4. When completely finished replace air freshener so the room smells good when I walk in to do laundry

I’m sure there will be more involved in it than that, but I figure that’s a good place to start. And this list is about all I have energy for today, this cold is kicking my butt. The baby has an ear infection so she didn’t sleep much last night. Finally got her on antibiotics so should get better soon hopefully. I’m off to try to get some rest!


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