Enter Title Here…

So, I’ve been thinking that I really need to come up with some sort of title for my blog. I don’t know why I struggle with naming things so much. I think I try too hard or something, like I have to find the perfect title or else it’s not even worth doing. I think it’s even tougher when I haven’t established any real purpose for this blog. Just a place for me to write about whatever I feel like at the time. Which I guess is what most are. I’m really on an organizing kick right now, so that will probably be the focus at least in the near future. But I also want to be able to put activities and projects on here. I guess I want this to be my creative outlet, not that I’m a very creative person though. I’ve always disliked that about myself, I’ve never felt very creative. Whenever I try to do crafts they come out looking like a 5 year old did them instead of a grown woman. And here I go veering off course like normal. Maybe today I’ll blame it on being sick.

The baby woke up feeling lots better today, her nose wasn’t covered in snot (ewww) like it had been the past couple days, so I decide she’s better and cancel her doctor’s appointment. Of course not even 5 minutes after I make the call it starts running and she starts coughing again. So I’ll probably wind up regretting canceling the appointment, especially since the doctor is out on Wednesdays. But I’m hopeful that she’ll get over it on her own without antibiotics. I’m not dead set against them, but I do feel they’re over used and if it’s a cold that doesn’t really need them then I hate to give them to her. Well, evidently she’s not going to have anything to do with a nap this afternoon so I’m off to rescue her from her crib. Maybe it’s because her daddy is home today and she doesn’t want to miss out on time with him. Tomorrow starts an organizing challenge over at orgjunkie that I’m really excited to participate in. I think I’ll be working on my laundry room for it, so look for before pics soon!


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