New Addiction

So, this past week I finally got around to joining Pinterest. And with that my time has been sucked away. I can’t explain what is so captivating about it, but my husband thinks it’s as bad as my facebook addiction. I love looking at all the pictures and tips for organizing! It got me into an organizing mood. So I finally got around to organizing our entry way. I had gotten it somewhat organized after moving in, then Christmas happened and it became a cluttered mess once again. I still need to hang  my shelf in it, but other than that it looks tons better. Then, after tackling that I decided next was my bedroom closet. What a chore that was! But it’s a bit more organized and there’s 2 full trash bags of clothes to donate since they’re way too small for me and I figure if when I lose enough weight to fit into them I’ll reward myself by going shopping! I still need to go through the clothes that are actually hanging in my closet and get rid of the ones I don’t ever wear. I read a tip somewhere that you put the hangers facing the wrong way and if after a month or so they’re still facing the wrong way (meaning you haven’t touched them) you get rid of it. Might have to try that. I turned a couple of diaper boxes into storage bins for on my closet floor. On Pinterest I found some really cute ones, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have a lot of supplies on hand so just made do. Not like anyone will be looking at my closet floor any time soon. But I do plan on making some cute ones for other areas of the house, like the laundry room. My next big organizing project will be to tackle that room, and also the upstairs bathroom and linen closet. Then there’s the computer room. I had it looking decent a while back, but since I’ve been spending more time at the computer the mess has taken over again. You’d think that by spending more time in here I would keep it more organized, ha, not this girl. Mess seems to follow me around. Well, need to cut this post short, my little Nat is up from her nap and running amok!


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