The inspections have all gone well, now we’re waiting on the appraisal I guess. I’m so clueless about the whole house buying process. Most of what little I do know is from HGTV. I haven’t gotten much packing done yet, 3 boxes is all. But I have a plan for next week. Our closing date is 4 weeks from today, so each week I’m going to focus on an area of the house, so that hopefully everything is packed up by closing so we can hopefully move that weekend. It’d be perfect for me since it’s in the middle of my week stretch off I get every 6 weeks. Plus, it’s a little over a week before the baby’s first birthday. That way we could have her party in the new house the weekend before her birthday. So excited to have a home where I’ll actually want to have people over. Thinking about even hosting a playgroup for people with babies that I know. Would be nice to get together with other moms and let the babies play together, maybe expend some of their endless energy!

Really isn’t much new to talk about. This week was the state fair where we live, which I always look forward to. Although I actually didn’t eat as much as I had anticipated. The only weird fried item I tried was fried pineapple, which was pretty good. Tasted like apple pie, which was a little weird. Took the kids on the day they didn’t have school and let them do the ride a rama. For the first time ever I actually let them go off on their own, the oldest had a friend with him. Went pretty well, was a little nervous, but they were good about checking in with me when they were supposed to.

Guess I’ll keep this post short since I can’t come up with much to say. Probably a hundred other things I should be doing right now anyway, especially since I work this weekend.


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