Never ending heat wave

So, we’re getting ready to go to Utah for a week to visit the in-laws. We can’t wait, for multiple reasons. First, it’s been nearly 3 years since we’ve been there and over 2 since his parents last came to visit. So it’ll be great to see everyone and catch up on everyone’s lives and see how much the kids have all grown. Plus, this will be the first time any of them will get to see the baby in person, so that’s exciting. Then there’s the heat. It’s been over 100 degrees here for nearly a month, with no relief in sight. Even our nights are unbearable. Thank goodness we got our a/c running good, or else we’d all be cooked in here. It’s so hot I feel like I can’t even breathe when I go outside, the air gets sucked right out of my lungs like I’m walking in a vacuum. So I’m definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures, even if it’s 90, it’ll feel like another world.

Things have been going a bit better on the home front. My husband and I talked things out and he even talked with a coworker who kind of opened his eyes to exactly how negative he was being. So it’s nice having our relationship back where it should be. The kids have been working hard on their chores and doing a ton of reading, speaking of which we need to get to the library sometime this week. I’ve been thinking about getting them ereaders since they enjoy reading so much, but it might have to wait for Christmas. The baby can now pull up on furniture which she thinks is pretty cool. She always gets a smug grin on her face when she does it. I have a feeling she’s going to be quite the ornery toddler. We watch America’s Got Talent, and our baby absolutely loves Sam B on it. We have his first performance on the DVR still so that she can watch it repeatedly each day. It used to drive me crazy when the husband would save stuff like that to watch over and over, but when it’s for her entertainment I find it cute. We’ll turn it on and she stops whatever she’s doing and turns to the TV and starts bouncing, and sometimes will even crawl towards the TV. We keep trying to capture it on video, but it seems like she never does the really cute stuff when we’re recording.

Work is going better, starting to feel more comfortable in it. Still have  times where I question things, but that’s normal, especially for something as unpredictable as labor and delivery. On my weight loss journey I’ve finally hit the 5 pound mark. Feel like it took me forever. Had an awesome first week, then kind of sad weeks up until this past week when I finally lost over 1 pound again. All the other weeks were either 0.2 pounds or else a gain. So that felt good. Too bad I cancelled my membership this morning before weigh in. Figure I might rejoin after our trip, but for now could use the money. I hate this time of year, it has to be the worst part of it financially for us. The tags on our van are due the end of August, then there’s enrollment and school supplies. Not to mention doctor visits. Plus we had to get the guys in to the eye doctor so the husband can get new contacts and so my son can get glasses. Then to top it all off we’re going on vacation! Oh well, I have faith it will all be fine. We saved up a decent amount for the trip and have already paid for our hotel room (love using Priceline!) So we should be ok.

Well, the baby is awake so I should go take care of her. Wishing tomorrow were here and gone already so I could start my 7 day stretch of being off. That is the best part of 12 hour shifts, getting so much more time off. Hate the work days though, they’re long and exhausting.


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