Archive | June 2011


So far I’ve really been enjoying the summer. I’ve done more things with the kids this summer than the majority of our past ones. It’s so nice having so much more time with them. My son is on a camping trip with the young men and leaders from church so today the 3 of us girls decided to hit the city pool for the first time in years. My older daughter swears she’s never been there, although I assure her she has, it was just a long time ago. I dreaded the thought of getting into a swimsuit, but finally decided who cares what anyone thinks, I want to introduce my baby to the water. At first she wasn’t sure what to think. When I sat her down in the water that was up past her waist while sitting she fussed a bit. But then we went over to the tiny tot pool and I sat her down in a few inches of water and she decided it wasn’t so bad. After a few minutes she even started splashing and having fun with it. The older daughter decided to brave the large water slide (well to her it was gigantic!) I was a little surprised that she did it, but proud of her for it. We had fun, then grabbed some DQ on the way home. Now I’m really wishing it was naptime so I could join in on it.

Last week I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself in regards to being overweight and actually do something about it. So I joined weight watchers. My mom is a member and I had been before so I figured now was the time to get back into it. My mom then decided to buy us a gym membership. So I started going to the gym this week. I feel a lot better healthwise than I have in quite awhile. I’ve only had one can of pop in the past week (which is pretty darn good for me). I’ve exercised in one form or another almost everyday that I haven’t worked in the past week. And I lost 4.4 pounds my first week on weight watchers.

In church news I accepted a 2nd calling (third if you count visiting teaching). I’m now the Activity Days leader in addition to music chairperson. I was the Activity Days leader until I had the baby, then they released me to give me a break. But I guess I’m needed again. At least now I have more time to devote to it so maybe I’ll feel like I do a better job. My older daughter is thrilled since she’s in the group. Although this is her last year in it, then she bumps up to Young Women. I like the calling, but it’s hard coming up with ideas to entertain that group of girls, especially since they range in age from 8 to 11. But at least this time around I have a helper, so at least we can vent to each other about the girls not listening, lol.

In baby news, she’s pretty much crawling now, although I guess it’s more of a scoot. She’ll do a step or 2 up on her knees, then her belly drops to the floor and she pushes herself across. She’s traveling at any rate. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. She’ll be 9 months when we go on vacation to Utah to see my husband’s family. Makes me sad that they’ve already missed out on so much, but I’m really excited about seeing them and her getting to meet them. Almost wish it were August already so we’d be on our way. But I know that time will go by fast. My husband has been sooo stressed with his job and not getting any time off lately. He took a couple days off last weekend, and it was so nice having him home. I think that’s part of why I did so well with my weight loss. We cooked at home instead of grabbing something for meals. I’m hoping that they’ll get off this working every Saturday and every other Sunday kick soon.

I suppose I should go so I can feed us all before it’s time to head to the church for Activity Days. Still not quite sure what all to do with the girls, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.