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Productive day

So today has been pretty productive for me, at least in areas other than writing. I woke up extra early and exercised today, which marks 4 days of exercise so far this week, go me! I feel really good about that, especially considering I think that’s more workouts than I’ve done in the past year. I’ve also stuck to my calorie limit pretty well this week. I’m determined to lose weight. I hate not feeling good about myself because of all of this excess weight I’m carrying around. Not to mention I just feel blah most of the time. This week I actually feel good, and have more energy than normal. Oh, I’ve also cut back a ton on soda. I haven’t bought any at the grocery store in 2 weeks and so I only drink it either if I eat out or at work. And I haven’t eaten out much lately since I’m trying to keep my calorie intake down. So I feel really good about the changes I’m making physically right now.

I also managed to make some burp cloths today out of some fabric I bought months ago. I am far from being an accomplished seamstress, in fact I have great envy for anyone who can even sew a straight line (mine are a far cry from straight as I learned today). Then you see the women at church who sew everything so perfectly, and my envy grows well beyond the healthy type. But I did finish one of the projects on my to do list today, so that brought a nice sense of gratification with it, even if the finished project isn’t something I would show off to others.

The weather was finally nice here, so the baby and I took a stroll to pick up her sister from school. Was the first time the baby rode in the stroller without being in her carrier. She rather enjoyed it. And I can add a 2 mile walk to my list of exercise done. Then we made fajitas for dinner which turned out really yummy. Cooking is another thing that I don’t claim to be great at, but I’m finally learning some new dishes. Now that I don’t work all the time I kind of enjoy cooking, it’s not such a chore. Then I make the kids do the dishes so the chore part is almost nonexistent for me.

I’m excited for tomorrow, my friend from my old job is planning on coming over after she gets off work. Can’t wait to catch up, I miss our morning chats while waiting on the doctor to show up. Plus it will be nice to have some adult interaction since I don’t get much of it around here.

In writing news, I did make a small mind map last night for an idea I’ve had floating around in my head for the past few days. Getting kind of excited about it. Hopefully next week I’ll find some time to actually start working on it. Anyway, sorry to leave a boring post of my daily happenings, but considering it wasn’t a day spent on the couch watching Angel on Netflix, I thought it was something worth talking about. We’ll leave my thoughts on Angel for another day.


Hello world!

So, I’ve been thinking about trying to do some writing now that I only work part time and have more free time. Hoping to come up with some ideas soon. I feel one starting to form, I keep thinking about it at night while laying in bed. Then this morning on the way to work it started to progress a bit more. Problem is it’s basically an idea of a character and his motivation. Need to really flesh out the plot idea more. Hoping to try some mind mapping soon. I’m actually starting to get a little excited about it. Even if no one ever reads it, would feel good to do something I enjoy that’s for me and not something I do for my family. I suppose that’s being selfish, but sometimes I feel like I need to do something for me. I think too often we get so caught up in everything that needs to be done  that we forget about doing things for ourselves that renews us and actually makes us better moms/wives/workers/etc. So that’s what this place is for me, a place to express myself without fear of offending others or portraying a part of me that I don’t let many people in on. I haven’t had a blog to really write on in a long time. Love facebook, but it’s not really a place to write long posts. So hello world, it’s me, Kelly.